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Rule 410 Mandatory Discovery

Within 45 days of service of the Summons and Complaint each party to the action must provide to the opposing party:

  1. A Financial Statement
  2. Federal and State income taxes for the prior 3 years
  3. Statements for the prior three years for all bank accounts
  4. Your four most recent pay stubs
  5. Documentation concerning the cost and nature of available health insurance coverage
  6. Statements for the prior 3 years concerning securities, pensions, IRA's and similar assets
  7. Loan or mortgage applications submitted within 3 years prior to filing
  8. Financial statements and statements of assets and liabilities prepared by either party within 3 years of filing

You are required to provide updated information and documents in these areas if the information changes.

If you do not have any of these documents, you are required to explain to the other party, in writing, why you do not have the documents and what you did to try to get them. You are expected to make reasonable efforts to get any documents you do not currently have.