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Additional Special Need Concerns

Having a child with special needs can be difficult for anyone, but this situation can become even more complicated when parents have decided to divorce. Many children with special needs do not adapt well to change, and parents must now figure out how to adopt their new lives to make sure things stay as normal and consistent as possible for the children.

If you are a family in Massachusetts with special needs that is contemplating a divorce or you have already decided to file, the Law Office of Jennifer Melia is here to help you. She is highly familiar with the inner workings of the Department of Children and Families, formerly known as the Department of Social Services.

She knows how important it is to make the court aware of special needs issues and concerns during the context of a divorce action. A judge can help ensure that each issue is specifically dealt with, including:

  • Who will pay for extracurricular activities such as therapeutic horseback riding that can help kids with all kinds of problems
  • The importance of a special needs child remaining in the marital home for consistency and stability, especially if the home has been built to accommodate for a disabled child
  • Allowing for more time to refinance or determine ownership of the marital home because of the special needs issues
  • Determining how noncustodial parents will share in other extra expenses and medical care
  • How to handle issues surrounding adult children

From ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy and depression, Ms. Melia has experience helping families whose children experience all types of special needs.

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