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Worcester Child Support Lawyer

Jennifer Melia Can Mediate or Litigate Your Child Support Issues

Have you and your former spouse reached an impasse in your discussions of child support or alimony? Are you considering mediation or litigation of the matter, to set the record straight?

The Massachusetts child support guidelines are very clear, yet in January of 2009 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued a new set of child support guidelines. You need an advocate who is familiar with these new changes and what they mean to your case. Support levels are determined according to an income-based mathematical formula, including the cost of health and child care expenses. There are also a number of issues that are "discretionary," meaning it is not black and white, yet a great area to be determined by the court.

The Law Office of Jennifer Melia can explain what the law can mean to divorced couples in Worcester County and Middlesex County. You can trust Ms. Melia's 15-plus years of service to her family law clients, in a probate and family court setting as well as private practice.

Whether the matter at hand is a child support requirement, child custody and visitation issue, or one of fathers' rights, grandparents' rights, parental relocation or special needs, Ms. Melia always emphasizes "the best interests of the child," first and foremost.

If you feel that you are receiving too little child support, and want to pursue an enforcement of the support obligations in your divorce settlement agreement, contact us. Call the full-service Worcester Law Office of Jennifer Melia at 508-762-4641.

Family Law Attorney Serving Clients for More Than 15 Years

As your lawyer, Ms. Melia can advise primary custodial or non-custodial parents in the correct calculations of child support. She can also help you with an enforcing, collecting or updating child support amounts.

Child support can play a prominent role in situations regarding paternity, joint custody and methods of regular payment when a parent moves out of state. For any variation on how you and your child are affected, you can depend on the legal leadership at the Law Office of Jennifer Melia.

Do you have questions about child support, custody and visitation, grandparents' rights, special needs issues or any legal matter that directly impacts your child? Jennifer Melia always provides only honest answers and realistic assessments of your family law goals.

Ms. Melia can also represent your efforts at a child support modification if your employer has ceased doing business, or if you have been laid off from your job, downsized or dismissed.

She can also help you to deal with contempt actions following your divorce. Maybe a parent is not paying child support. Or, maybe you are being harassed for not paying more than what is owed under a court order child support order.

Contact her to arrange an initial consultation.

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