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Worcester Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Jennifer Melia Acts in the Best Interests of Your Child

Are disagreements over child custody and visitation delaying your Massachusetts divorce?

At the Law Office of Jennifer Melia, the "best interests of the child" are paramount in every case the firm handles — custody and visitation, child support, parental relocation as it pertains to custody, and special needs issues.

Ms. Melia's 11 years of experience as Worcester Probate and Family Court mediator-investigator taught her that a well-prepared custody and visitation case is essential to a family law client. She is detail-minded and persuasive in presenting your side to a judge. You need an experienced family law attorney in your corner when custody and visitation become points of contention.

Your custody and visitation rights should be protected — amicably if at all possible, aggressively if necessary. Contact Worcester family lawyer Jennifer Melia at 508-762-4641 for an initial consultation.

For More Than 15 Years, An Advocate for Your Family and Future

Ms. Melia can capably represent either side of a custody and visitation dispute, or bring both sides together for divorce mediation. She acknowledges recent moves toward recognition of fathers' rights in deciding custody cases. Fathers should not be overlooked in formulations of visitation schedules. Ms. Melia feels that a child is best served when both parents are present.

She will explain the basics of custody and visitation law to you, including distinctions between sole and joint legal and physical custody. You will learn of every available option so that every decision you make can be a wise, informed one.

After your divorce settlement agreement is finalized, if a dramatic change in lifestyle requires a revision of your custody and visitation opportunities or obligations, Ms. Melia can discuss the possibility of a post-judgment modification with you. If a parent is not living up to his or her end of the custody/visitation agreement, or conversely you are being accused of not following through with your obligation, Ms. Melia can assist you.

To find out more about custody and visitation, parenting time, parenting plans and fathers' rights, contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia. She knows family law and will work hard to get results for you.

Call or E-Mail for an Initial Consultation

The phone number in Worcester is 508-762-4641. Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled, for your convenience.