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Worcester Grandparents Rights Lawyer

Skilled Family Law Attorney Protects Your Grandparents' Rights

Are you a Massachusetts grandparent who is seeking a more prominent role in your grandchild's life?

If your grandson or granddaughter has been failed by inattentive or divorced parents, or in the event of one or more parent's death, you should contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia in Worcester.

Our full-service family law firm's founder believes in fighting for grandparents' rights. She can be your eloquent voice during negotiations, mediation or litigation.

Any grandparent's gracious contribution to the changing American home is worthy of recognition. Grandparents who already enjoy, or long for, a special connection with their grandchildren should not be ignored due to a separation agreement or court order.

If your grandchild has been caught in the middle of a marital dispute, respected family lawyer Jennifer Melia will actively pursue your rights to a relationship with your grandchild and enforcement of those rights. She works hard every day in support of the "best interests of the child" at all times.

Contact her law office today by phone or e-mail. 508-762-4641.

The Worcester County Law Office of Jennifer Melia Brings Families Together

Among the topics associated with grandparents' rights she can help you address, include:

If you have made the decision to pursue your grandparents' rights in Massachusetts, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia. Attorney Melia has the experience, legal skills and compassion that can make a difference in your case.

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