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Interstate Custody Jurisdiction Attorney in Massachusetts

Worcester Child Parental Rights Lawyer

Has your former spouse decided to move out of state? Did you relocate to Massachusetts following a divorce and don't know how to handle a visitation dispute?

Parents who move out of the state where they were divorced can have unique issues in enforcing and modifying custody and visitation issues. In general, the court that handled the custody proceeding has jurisdiction over that matter. Thus, courts in other states will uphold the order and refer any further proceedings to the state in which it was decreed.

Worcester family law Attorney Jennifer Melia offers more than 15 years of experience, and is highly familiar with interstate custody jurisdiction issues. She will take the time to explain the matter so that you have a firm understanding of your rights, obligations and legal requirements under the system.

Interstate custody jurisdiction lawyer Jennifer Melia welcomes your inquiries. Call her office today at 508-762-4641.

Parental Relocation and Interstate Custody Concerns

The Law Office of Jennifer Melia can help divorced parents who wish to move out of state as well as those who recently moved into Massachusetts. She aids individuals and families in addressing the specific issues surrounding parental relocation and interstate jurisdictional issues.

You will appreciate the personal attention attorney Melia gives to your special situation. In a personal consultation, she will address the interstate custody issues that you may encounter and inform you of your legal options. In appropriate situations, she will work to obtain jurisdiction in Massachusetts or relieve it in favor of giving jurisdiction to where you and your children reside. Ms. Melia gives clients her cell phone number so you will be able to reach her at any time with questions.

Contact Family Law Attorney Jennifer Melia

Call 508-762-4641 or contact family law attorney Jennifer Melia by e-mail to discuss your interstate child custody issue. Evening and weekend appointments are available.