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Worcester Mediation Lawyer

Skilled Divorce Mediator for Worcester County, Massachusetts

If you are dreading the bitter accusations and financial revelations of your upcoming divorce action, you should know that there may be a better, more positive means of airing those differences.

It is called mediation — defined in a family law context as "a method of a voluntary, confidential, non-binding dispute resolution involving a neutral third party who helps the disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution."

Family lawyer Jennifer Melia believes in the power of mediation. Her 15 years of legal experience, 11 of those spent in service to the Worcester Probate and Family Court, has fueled that firm belief. She underwent extensive mediation training at the Community Dispute Settlement Center and has been certified in dispute resolution. Today she acts as a directive mediator for clients who seek a more satisfying, less divisive approach to divorce.

Attorney Melia assists you with resolving your legal matters — separation agreements, complaints, affidavits, all necessary pleadings — in ways that will be acceptable to a court. Every aspect of child support and alimony, custody and visitation and property division can be agreed upon during mediation.

For an initial consultation, you should contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia today. Call 508-762-4641.

Facts You Should Know About the Mediation Process

Advantages of divorce mediation, as opposed to contested divorce and divorce litigation, include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Confidentiality
  • Controlled by the parties
  • Encourages a spirit of cooperation
  • Entered into voluntarily
  • Sets a positive tone for future, post-divorce discussions

In this era of economic downturns and financial issues, the cost-efficiency of mediation should be especially attractive. Mediation can cost less than half of what the uncontested divorce legal process would entail, and far less than divorce litigation.

Divorce mediation can promote a dignified end to a marital relationship and set an example for children, friends and family. Contact Worcester family law attorney Jennifer Melia today to discuss this valuable option.

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