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Worcester Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Shrewsbury Contempt of Court and Modification Attorney

Have you or your child undergone a significant change in circumstances since your divorce? Did you lose a job, or does your ex want to move to a different state?

If you need to modify an existing child custody, child support or spousal support (alimony) order, you should contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia, in Worcester.

Jennifer Melia brings more than 15 years of experience and a commitment to protecting the best interests of the child to every modification case she handles. Ms. Melia feels that children are best served when both parents are present and contributing to their upbringing. She will work hard to see that a new plan is established based on these principles.

Contact Worcester child custody modification attorney Jennifer Melia at 508-762-4641 for an initial consultation.

Understanding Your Need to Modify a Court Order

Gone are the days when one person stays at a company forever and lives in the same city or state they grew up in. Additionally, children are increasingly involved in more activities, which limit their ability to spend time with their primary custodial parent, let alone adjust to out-of-date visitation schedules. In this mobile society, changes to custody and support orders are common.

Reasons to modify a visitation schedule, custody, child support or spousal support order include significant changes to a person's lifestyle or financial situation. Under this guideline, a loss of job or parental relocation would be good reasons to seek a modification. Seeking to modify visitation schedules because your child's extra-curriculum involvement requires it is also a good example.

Massachusetts family law attorney Melia assists you with seeking custody or support modification for reasons that will be acceptable to a court.

Enforcement of Child Custody and Support Orders

Is your ex refusing to pay child support? Did the custodial parent move with your child without permission? In addition to handling modifications, attorney Melia assists clients in enforcement of child custody and child support orders. Contact Ms. Melia today to learn how she can help hold someone in contempt of court for failing to comply with a court order. If you have been accused of violating an order, she can help you modify the terms in order to better meet your situation.

Contact the Law Office of Jennifer Melia

Call 508-762-4641 or e-mail family law lawyer Jennifer Melia today. All after-hours phone and e-mail messages will be promptly returned.