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Worcester Parent Coordinator Information

Massachusetts Supervised Visitation Centers and Parent Coordinator Information

Worcester family law attorney Jennifer Melia is dedicated to upholding the "best interests of the child" in every child custody and visitation case she handles. In highly contested situations, parent coordinators and supervised visitation are two solutions that can protect the child from harm.

Parenting Coordinators

A parenting coordinator (or parent coordinator) is a neutral third party who evaluates a highly contested divorce or separation to help parents reach a custody and visitation plan outside of court. When parents cannot work together, parent coordinators can help parents find a solution that puts their children first.

The parenting coordinator's role depends on the situation and needs of the family. During a divorce or separation, the coordinator meets with parents to discuss all custody and vitiation issues. These include holidays, school and work schedules, communication between the child and parents, pick-up times and other matters pertinent to the situation. A parent coordinator may also assist parents in making child custody modifications. Ultimately, the goal is to build a foundation for parental cooperation throughout a child's future.

In most cases, a parenting coordinator serves as a mediator and facilitator who manages the decision-making regarding children. In situations where the parents cannot reach a conclusion, the coordinator may act as an arbitrator and make a decision on the parents' behalf.

Supervised Visitation Centers

Supervised visitation centers manage the relationship between children and parents in highly contested child custody matters. They supervise the visitation in order to protect the child from potentially harmful situations, such as abuse or witnessing constant fights between parents.

Some reasons the court may order the use of supervised visitation centers include:

  • Accusations of child abuse or domestic violence
  • Child has had limited or no contact with a parent for a period of time
  • Risk of parental kidnapping
  • Parents fight or otherwise create a harmful environment for the child during arranged pick-up times

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