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Worcester Parental Relocation Lawyer

Getting to the Heart of Your Parental Location Issues

Has your former spouse moved away from Massachusetts or to another city with your child without informing you, your attorney or a court?

Are you a divorced person dealing with parental relocation requirements, due to remarriage or a business transfer?

For either situation, or any contingency that potentially affects child custody and visitation, the Law Office of Jennifer Melia in Worcester offers experienced guidance that gets results. Ms. Melia's dedication to "the best interests of the child" is well-established. She will work hard to see that your rights are protected.

Attorney Melia's 15-plus years of service to Worcester County family law clients, in probate and family court and private practice, has been an asset to families throughout Massachusetts. She can negotiate, mediate or litigate parental relocation issues to your satisfaction.

For parental relocation legal advice you can count on, call 508-762-4641 or e-mail Jennifer Melia at your earliest convenience.

Parental relocation issues do not just apply to parents moving out of state. Moving to another city within Massachusetts can be just as contentious. Talk with experienced lawyer Jennifer Melia about your rights and obligations.

Milford Modify Visitation Schedule Attorney Working With You

If you are the relocating party, because of a change of job or new relationship, Ms. Melia will work with you to seek court approval for the change. She can revisit your original divorce settlement agreement and pursue any necessary modifications. She can also help you deal with the complex interstate jurisdictional issues, if necessary

Parental relocation can prove especially troublesome when a parent moves to another country with a child. The farther away the child travels, the more contentious the matter can become. If you have been affected by such a development, Ms. Melia needs to be notified right away. Attorney Melia has represented clients living in many states and countries outside of Massachusetts — from New Mexico to Istanbul, Turkey.

You don't have to surrender the stability of your post-divorce routine to a parental relocation. An experienced family lawyer like Jennifer Melia works hard to preserve the child support and custody and visitation structure your child needs.

More Than 15 Years Experience, Helping People Just Like You

Jennifer Melia is available by phone at 508-762-4641 or by e-mail. Messages left overnight are returned promptly the next day.