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Final Startup Barrier: Taking Care of Legal Aspects

Legal issues can be a significant obstacle for business owners looking to start their businesses. According to the National Small Business Association, almost half of small businesses cite legal issues as a challenge in starting up. These obstacles include registering the company to understand and comply with complex regulations. The cost of dealing with legal

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6 Strategies to Resolve Legal Family Conflicts

Legal family conflict can be frustrating and expensive. If you are currently in the midst of a legal battle with a family member, you are probably searching for ways to resolve the conflict without going to court. While some family disputes can only be resolved by a judge, there are many instances where alternative resolution

Employee right written on a notebook

5 Legal Tips to Protect Your Rights in the Workplace

Employees in the United States are protected by a variety of laws at the federal and state level. However, many employees are unaware of their rights or are afraid to assert them for fear of retaliation. About 60% of workers say they’ve experienced being mistreated, but only a fraction of those cases are ever reported

copyright claim

How Businesses Can Prevent Competitors From Stealing Their Copyright Content

When businesses create content, they put a lot of effort into ensuring it is original and protected by copyright law. However, as anyone who has watched the movie, The producers can attest, sometimes competitors will try to steal that content and pass it off as their own. So how can businesses protect their copyright content

A driver sitting inside the semi-truck while looking at camera

How to Protect Your Legal Rights as a Truck Driver

Driving a truck is a demanding job. You are on the road for long hours, often in adverse conditions. Knowing your legal rights as a truck driver is important to protect you in case of an accident or other incident. Here are six key ways to protect your legal rights as a truck driver. With

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What are the Legal Consequences of Failing to Protect Consumer Data?

In September 2017, Equifax, one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the United States, announced that it had suffered a data breach. The personal information of over 140 million people, including Social Security numbers, addresses, and birthdates, was compromised. This breach is believed to have occurred due to a website vulnerability exploited by

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The Importance of Property Law: Legalities You Need to Know

Property law is a very important and confusing aspect of property ownership. Property law is one of those things that you don’t give much thought to until something happens. What property does your spouse own? How long will it take for a property to be divided after a divorce? Does the property need to be

truck driver radioing info to other truckers

The Ins and Outs of Becoming a Truck Driver

Truck driving is an occupation that many people view as dull, dangerous, and strenuous. However, it can pay well, require little formal education, and has the potential to be very enjoyable. Starting out as a truck driver is more difficult than most other occupations because employers generally prefer those who already have experience; those who

modern city

Genius: the Minds Behind the Modern World

Humanity has gone a long way. We are no longer the hunter-gatherer that our ancestors once were. But we now have reached a point where we can take a man to the moon. These accomplishments are marvelous by themselves. But we must acknowledge the geniuses behind them. We must tip our hats to those who

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