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Why You Need Multiple Legal Internships in Law School

Some law students came from specific family backgrounds that all they have to do is intern in the family’s firm, and they’re good to go. But if you are like most law students who don’t know yet what he/she plans to pursue after law school, then you need to apply for multiple internships. This will

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Going Into Personal Injury Law: What To Expect

Law can be a very lucrative job, but lawyers have to focus on a particular part of the market. This means many new graduates from law school have to decide what sort of law they want to practice. One of the more interesting options available is to be a personal injury lawyer. This means that


Making the Most of Your Legal Internship: Tips to Remember

Summer break doesn’t end the learning experience for legal students. This is when they go out and participate in internships. Whether it is a huge corporate firm or a small team of experienced family lawyers, it provides them with some experience in the real world. Law is more than textbooks and classroom discussions. Internships are

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Beyond the Classroom: Maximizing Your Legal Internship

A legal internship is like a rite of passage for many law students. It is a hot commodity, and law students would often fight over the best internship programs. They all want to best one another in hopes to land an offer from these prestigious law firms. Although a law school prepares you for the

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What Type of Law Should You Practice?

Law students often find it hard to pick the right type of law they want to focus on. Law schools make students feel that corporate law and litigation are the only two types of law that exist. In truth, there are many different legal practices you can focus on. You can focus on the environment,

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Types Of Technology-Assisted Domestic Violence

As technology continues to evolve, so do the various tools for domestic abuse. In recent years, law researchers have been investigating the problem, and the legislatures have been forming ways to curb the problem and punish the perpetrators. With the prevalence of technology-assisted domestic violence, more and more people find themselves stumped to report their

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Be Ready for the End

When you are older, you can often feel like death is around the corner. When you die, there can be two results. Either your family and loved ones will be scrambling around trying to handle the mess you left behind, or you can have them calmly following your wishes. End-of-life planning takes away much of

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What Damages Are You Entitled To in a Car Accident?

A car accident can be a traumatizing and life-changing occurrence. Not only will you take a while to recover physically if you get injured but you will also have to grapple with mental and emotional distress. You also have to deal with policy issues to ensure that your insurance company does not stiff you. In

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Prep Up: Three Questions Your Kids Might Have Regarding Your Divorce

Divorce is a confusing period not only for you, but for your children as well. In fact, the moment you break the news of your separation, they will have many questions about such a decision. There’s no one, single answer how you can answer them, but as a general principle, you want to be straightforward

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