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Attract Attention: Standing Out Via Marketing

Every law firm needs a steady roster of clients to succeed and grow as a business. The old ways of using the referral system still work in most cases, and people will always rely on the advice of someone they trust. But is this enough to keep your firm not only afloat but thriving? There are many ways to market your services to

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4 Steps to Setting Up a Law Firm

Deciding to go into entrepreneurship is difficult. In the initial stages, it will be slow, but with the right tactics, you will succeed. Owning a business is a dream; many hope they can achieve within their lifetime. It would benefit you greatly to learn from those who have leaped. Keep reading to know tips on

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Can You Sue Your Employer for Discrimination and Harassment?

There is no room for discrimination and harassment in the workplace or in any part of the world, for that matter. But we cannot deny the fact that in many situations, discrimination happens every day. In fact, it happens most of the times in work areas whether the discriminating act is committed by an employer

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Grounds for Applying for Sole Child Custody

Children should ideally be brought up by both parents. This is, unfortunately, not always possible. While at times, one parent might pass away and leave a single parent home, in other times, this arises from the separation of the parents. You obviously want the best upbringing for your kids, but at times, having your spouse

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Social Security Disability Claims 101: What Is a Hardship Letter?

Social Security disability applicants more often than not are under “dire need” circumstances primarily because of delays in the SSD claims process. In general, the financial situation of claimants won’t have any influence on how long their claims will be processed by SS. But if you have been patiently waiting to be scheduled a hearing

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