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Career Talk: Opportunities Beyond the Law Practice

Contrary to popular belief, the legal market is not limited to the practice of law. There are a lot of career opportunities out there for individuals who wish to partake in the legal service but prefer not to get involved in the nitty-gritty of law education. Additionally, these occupations also offer rewarding median salaries that

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Divorce Announcement on Social Media: Should You Do It?

While some divorcing couples choose to remain private, there are also those who use social media to break the news to others. They let their friends and relatives know that they are starting anew by posting divorce announcements or changing their relationship statuses. Others, meanwhile, do it subtly by sharing quotes (or memes) about heartaches,

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Protect Your Family with Good Estate Planning

You should start thinking about how your assets are to be passed to your loved ones when the time comes. There are two main advantages in starting this rather tedious process now. Yes, as you already know, estate planning ensures that your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. What you probably don’t realize is

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